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Great, we can be crybabies, too

Steve Malanga of City Journal says that CBS was wrong to cancel "The Reagans":

Much as I hate to admit it, I am on the side of the Left here when it comes to lamenting the cancellation, but for different reasons. Everything we have learned so far about the miniseries - from the hamhandness of the script to the actors chosen for key roles to the previews already circulating - suggests that The Reagans is an artistic fiasco of epic proportions, possibly among the worst TV miniseries ever produced, in the words of one critic. Rather than protect the American public from this latest Hollywood debacle, we should make it required viewing, not for its lessons about the Reagans but about our entertainment industry.

I, too, am on the side of both Malanga, and the Left, but for yet another reason: I generally don't like when entertainment honchos give in to the demands of easily-offended interest groups. I detest the groups for whining and I detest the honchos for caving. And it's no prettier when the Right does it than when the Left does it.

No matter that the Left does it as a matter of course (remember the Puerto Rican Day Parade episode of Seinfeld?. You'll never see it on American TV again.), they'll still be crying "censorship" and complaining that "dissent" is being "stifled". And you bet they'll certainly remember this the day someone attempts to make a docudrama on the Clintons.


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Not true... the "Puerto Rican Day Parade" episode is seen routinely in the Seinfeld syndication package. It was only NBC who caved in and promised not to air it again.

I was under the impression that it was pulled from syndication as well as from NBC (the website I linked to says as much, too). But if you've seen it on TV, then maybe we're wrong and someone "un-caved".

Mark y Mark:

I've only seen it in syndication, and I've seen it quite a few times. It's very funny.

Personally, I was looking forwad to the Reagan docudrama. Shoot, slandering the Kennedys has become a cottage industry, yet Ted keeps getting elected. Reagan's about as bullet-proof as any ex-president could be. Did anyone really think some TV movie is going to sink Reagan?


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