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That was fast

Last week Donald Luskin idiotically threatened to sue Atrios for libel. Followup: Luskin surrenders:

A JOINT STATEMENT FROM DONALD LUSKIN AND ATRIOS We both regret a series of misunderstandings that have resulted in something that neither of us intended. We have discussed our differences, and both of us are confident that such misunderstandings will not occur again in the future. As a result, Mr. Luskin is retracting his demand letter of October 29, 2003. We congratulate each other on having quickly achieved an amicable resolution. We are both glad to have put this behind us.
(Same post on Atrios, by the way.) I guess someone realized how stupid he was being. And surprisingly (given the tone of Atrios's blog generally), that was a pretty gracious way to let Luskin off the hook.


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