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Canary in the coal mine?

In 2000, Dan Drezner worked as an (unpaid) advisor to the Bush campaign. In 2004, Dan Drezner hasn't decided who to support:

Here's my position -- I'm genuinely unsure of who I'm going to vote for. More and more, Bush reminds me of Nixon. He's not afraid to make the bold move in foreign policy. On domestic policy, Bush seems like he'll say or do anything, so long as it advances his short-term political advantage. If Karl Rove thought imposing wage and price controls would win Pennsylvania and Michigan for Bush, you'd see an Executive Order within 24 hours. Andrew Sullivan and others have delivered this harangue, so I won't repeat it.

If -- a big if -- the Democrats put forward a credible alternative, then I could very well pull the donkey lever.

As Mr. Instapundit would say: Indeed.

And if Bush can't even retain people like Drezner, he isn't going to win. As I've begun saying, I really don't understand Bush's strategy on so many issues at this point. Deficit spending is one thing; lowering taxes is good policy (as well as good politics), and defense outlays are necessary. But the simultaneous gratuitous bumps in domestic spending are then indefensible, and yet Bush seems to be determined to use the federal treasury to buy votes that can't be bought, while ignoring the votes this profligacy is costing him.

While I don't think any Democrat other than Joe "Joe-mentum" Lieberman can be trusted on foreign policy, or trade policy, and I don't want to see any of them nominating federal judges, we might well get better fiscal policy if we select one of them as president and retain a Republican Congress.


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Cliff Bowman:

You say that 'defense outlays are necessary,' but in light of a $521 projected deficit a 7% increase *excluding Iraq and Afganistan* seems excessive to me. Are there specific areas of our current defense program you feel are deficient?

But your basic point seems to be that Bush's 'profligacy' is short sighted and self-defeating. I agree, and the growing deficit really scares me. In the end, I'm afraid it will cost all of us more than it costs Bush.

Total Joementum aside:

The local talk-radio 3-6PM guy on WTIC in Hartford just joked that they'd be covering the Joebituary for Lieberman's bid.

Comedian, did you see Will Saletan's Joebituary in Slate?

I had not seen it. Thanks for the link.

Most like Colin McEnroe lifted it from slate. He uses all sort of stuff from the web to fuel his show.


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