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The NY Times article that David links to below has this intriguing second-to-last paragraph:

Dr. Kay, the former chief C.I.A. weapons inspector, has said that his team learned that no Special Republican Guard units had chemical or biological weapons ó but that all of the officers believed that some other Special Republican Guard unit had them. He said it appeared that the Iraqi officers were the victims of a disinformation campaign by Mr. Hussein.

So even the Iraqis thought they had WMD! (Make that the Iraqis plus nearly everyone else in the world who was paying attention at the time. So why is it supposed to be somehow scandalous that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair thought so,too?)


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Hey, get with the program Peter. Donít try to confuse me with the facts. You need to get the Democratic talking points. Then you would know that Bush lied.


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