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Pointing fingers

One thing you have to say about Paul Krugman; he's consistent.

If the prime minister of Indonesia is an anti-Semite, it's George Bush's fault. If Democrats are insanely protectionist, you can't blame them, because that's George Bush's fault, too. If the Lord of the Rings doesn't win an Oscar, I'm sure that there's some way that that will be George Bush's fault.

Hell, even South Park was more rational than Paul Krugman.


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Sam Hutcheson:

So I read through the column on Malaysia/anti-Semitism. Where exactly does he go wrong? Where is the flaw in his argumentation?



Where exactly does he go wrong?

He said it was George Bush's fault - nothing is George Bush's fault. Not 911, not the fact that Osama Bin Laden is still running around loose, not that there are even more terrorist cells than there were when 911 happened, not the fact that Afghanistan is once again producing most of the world's heroin, not that people are out of work, not that we have the largest deficits in history, not ... Its just not George's fault - its Al Gore's for being such a crummy candidate, its Ralph Nader's for running ...


One other thing it was the Prime Minister of Malaysia, not Indonesia.


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