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War is peace

A blogger named "Adam" is annoyed at me for being pleasantly surprised by the killing of leading terrorist Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Part of Adam's problem is the phenomenon, publicized by Mickey Kaus, of iberal "cocooning" -- that is, liberal control of the media preventing liberals from being exposed to conservative ideas, and then being unable to handle them. (Adam admits that "it's been so long since [he's] heard arguments for capital punishment," as if he were discussing phrenology or Marxist economics or some other long-discarded notion.)

But the larger problem is his naivete. Although demonstrating a slight bit of skepticism, he ultimately believes what makes him feel good to believe:

ieporent is still ignoring some important details, like the fact that as recently as January Yassin had been ready "in principle" for a truce (according to this Economist article). I'm as cynical as the next American when it comes to Hamas, but given Israel's dismissal of Yassin's proposal, I'm not sure who should have been arresting whom.
He might be cynical about Hamas, but he isn't cynical enough about the media. Was Hamas ready "in principle" for a truce? What does that even mean?

I'll tell you what it means. Assuming we take Hamas at its word, it means... diddlysquat:

Abd al-Aziz al-Rantissi, a Hamas official has said his organization could declare a 10-year truce with Israel if Israel withdraws from territory captured since 1967.

Rantissi said on Sunday that his organization had come to the conclusion it was difficult to liberate all their land at this stage, so they accept a phased liberation.


But Rantissi was clear and added that any such new proposal would not mean that Hamas recognized Israel or spell the end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Rantisi said the truce could last 10 years, though "not more than 10 years."

This is what the Economist describes as being ready for a truce "in principle." Israel would give up everything, and in exchange Hamas wouldn't even recognize Israel's existence, let alone accept it; indeed, Hamas openly admits that their attempt to wipe Israel out would have just a temporary pause. And Israel is to blame for not accepting this proposal? Israel should apologize for killing the leader of the group that proposed this?


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Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. They have stated that fact repeatedly. Since that is the case, I guess what Hamas would consider a compromise would be the killing of only 1/2 the population of Israel (with the rest to follow later).

The only time that people like Adam are bothered by a murder is when it is a terrorist that has been killed. I bet he doesn’t lose any sleep when a Palestinian suicide bomber blows up a bus, because then it is only Jews who are being killed. Well, I’ll take that back. I am sure the death of the “Palestinian martyr” disturbs him deeply.


I thought this story might stir up your angina, or PMS, as the case may be. You know, since your tribalism trumps all your other "principles." Long live LEHI and the Stern Gang, I suppose.

Nice to see you defending the "conservative" concept of Bills of Attainder, but then you never were a fan of the American Constitution (it's that democracy thing huh?). Come to think of it, I remember reading elswhere on this laff-riot of a blog your distended "musings" over the COMMUNIST CHINESE constitution, clearly implying that America's is inferior.

The irony (paradox? hypocrisy? stupidity?) is that for someone who wishes that Milton Friedman rather than George Mason invented the Bill of Rights, you're, at heart and as always, a state capitalist. No, a self-professed "Libertarian", thus demonstrating your progress, if not quite from moth to larvae then from chameleon to platypus. Dont stop the music! I love zoos.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment. Dont worry, I'll never post here again. I'll just make fun from afar.



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