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It's called a pie and you order it by the slice

I love living in New York, except for when I'm reminded that there are hundreds of thousands of people like Maryann Ford living here:

"I don't want to be in a city with 10,000 Republicans. I wouldn't last long, especially knowing Republicans are taking up seats in my favorite restaurants."

She's talking about the Republican National Convention coming to town, apparently unaware that hundreds of thousands of Republicans live here and are enjoying Restaurant Week alongside her right this very moment. (This one will thankfully be in Las Vegas instead that weekend.)

Fortunately, not all New Yorkers are elitist scum or insufferable twits, although that's the face many New Yorkers wish to present to the world come Labor Day. No, there exist decent folk who, whatever their political leanings, only wish to spread happiness and pizza:

A lot of these conventioneers won't know our city's pizza protocol. So we're putting politics aside, hoping to find common ground in Gotham's pizzerias. To that end, we've been developing a special pizza guide for visiting GOPers. Look for it at the end of August, and forward the Slice URL to any Republican you know who will be attending.

To be fair, the pizza guide should mention that all New Yorkers are insufferable elitists about their pizza. Which, of course, is entirely justified. Pizza being one of the reasons I love living in New York. Yum.


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Thanks for the tip, Peter, re: "insufferable elitists." We are! We're diligently working on our guide and will mention our residents' pizza snobbery. We've revised the launch date for the guide, too, and are even creating a separate pizza miniblog especially for conventioneers. I'll let you know when everything goes live so you can pass the link on to any GOPers you know.


When I was a child there was a real pizza parlor on every block and it was run by real Italians. You could get a slice of pizza and a coke for a quarter!

John Doe:

Too bad New York (and California) won't allocate presidential electors proportionately, effectively disenfranchising millions of Republicans.


Thought you might like to see GOPizza, Slice's "Grand Old Guide to Gotham's Greatest Pies." Designed to aid visiting conventioneers find great pizza.


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