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The Evolution of Truth

Mark Steyn has more to say on Governor McGreevey than I did:

"My truth is that I am a gay American,'' announced Gov. James McGreevey to the people of New Jersey last Thursday.

That's such an exquisitely contemporary formulation: ''my'' truth. Once upon a time, there was only ''the'' truth. Now everyone gets his own -- or, as the governor put it, ''One has to look deeply into the mirror of one's soul and decide one's unique truth in the world.'' For Jim McGreevey, his truth is that he's a gay American; for others in the Garden State, the truth about McGreevey is that he's a corrupt sexual harasser who put his lover on the state payroll in a critical homeland security post, and whose I-am-what-I-am confessional is a tactical feint that distracts the media sob sisters from the fact that, as his final service to the Democratic Party, he's resigned in such a way as to deny the people an early vote on his successor.

It's a tactical feint that I believe is working. Last weekend, a friend (who I have to believe up until two weeks ago wouldn't have known who the governor of New Jersey was even if he barged into her apartment with four of his friends and started redecorating) told me that she thought what McGreevey had done was "great". Not the resigning part, but the coming out part. More to the point, she dwelled on it being a shame that he had to resign because of it. She seems to have internalized the popular meme that he is resigning simply because he had a gay affair - a meme cleverly and impressively planted by McGreevey himself. Never you mind the corruption involved, it's all about being gay.

And mark my words, it's only a matter of time before it's insinuated that the whole mess is the fault of the mean old Republicans.

With help from the Israelis, of course. Wow.


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