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The Strangest Result?

In the island community of Vinalhaven, Maine, Kerry received 519 votes, Bush received 249 votes, Nader received 7 votes, Cobb (the Green Party candidate) received 5 votes, and Badnarik received a grand total of 0 votes.

Now the strange part: Constitution Party candidate Michael Peroutka came in first with 540 votes, almost half his total for the entire state. A fluke, or could Vinalhaven be the epicenter of the coming Constitution Party earthquake?

(I'll go out on a limb and say fluke.)


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It was the hanging chad.

Gary Collard:

It was a variant of the butterfly ballot, the lobster-claw ballot. That or they all thought Michael Peroutka is Stephen King's real name.

Or...it could have been machine error. The NY Post had an editorial this week about very odd minor party totals in heavy African American precincts in Ohio.


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