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If it's good enough for Andrew Sullivan...

So I see that the person who originally introduced me to the blogosphere (*), Andrew Sullivan, is taking a break from blogging. Wow. If a professional writer/political pundit can't keep it up, how can the rest of us ever hope to? So far the only ones who seem to keep going strong are the academics (and even then, most of the ones I read seem to be group bloggers).

As for me, as my reader has noticed, I haven't been blogging lately -- though I haven't formally given up. In the past, when I've blogged without pause, it's because I've made it a daily chore; I set aside a time to go hunting down for topics to blog about each day. That was relatively easy during the leadup to Iraqi Freedom and the election. But now, it requires a serious investment of time and effort, and I haven't decided whether that's worth it.

My other option is just to blog whenever a story strikes my fancy; the problem I have with that if I'm not making the effort to find the stories right away, eighteen other people have blogged about them before I've had time to find out about them. And while I do enjoy the sound of my voice, I don't think that I have something new to contribute by that point.

So I haven't yet decided what to do. Anybody who wants to offer me cash to blog (or, for that matter, not to blog), please let me know.

(*) It was Instapundit who inspired me to start blogging, but it was Andrew who introduced me to Instapundit.


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Bruce Rheinstein:

When blogging becomes a chore it's time for a break. You can always come back later.


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