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I swear I didn't cheat...

...but I got the exact same score -- a 58 -- on this libertarian purity test as Dan Drezner did. And like Dan, I'm comfortable with that result, and for similar reasons (which is probably why we scored the same).

I'm not an anarchist, so I don't think that courts and police ought to be privatized. I've read libertarian journals explaining how it would work; let's just say I'm not convinced. And I don't think libertarianism has much useful to say about international relations, given that one is dealing with other, non-libertarian regimes.

So, I guess I'm a "medium-core libertarian." At least by the standards of this test creator.


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I got a 47: "Your libertarian credentials are obvious. Doubtlessly you will become more extreme as time goes on."

Anyway, I didn't even know that privatizing courts and police was *anyone's* goal. Wow.

I got 15, undoubtedly for the civil libertarian and anti-militarism parts of the test (though I don't support a 75% reduction in military spending).


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