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Orange And Black

To celebrate Reunions Weekend, I'm stealing the idea of an "Orange and Black Blog Run" from Frances Salas:

Orin Kerr wonders why interviewers wonder what your greatest weakness is. (My greatest weakness is Kryptonite.)

Tigerhawk points out that if you don't understand sarcasm, you must be brain-damaged. (Well geez, any idiot could have told you that.)

Virginia Postrel suggests that a man who hated school should probably not become a teacher. (I used to let a girl cheat off of me in chemistry class all the time because she was hot. She's now a teacher. And still pretty good-looking.)

Classmate and fellow Nude Olympics participant Tom Bevan thinks that Princeton is a real drag these days. (Hey, Hal liked the Band even though we dressed funny and told dirty jokes...)

But Warren Meyer has reason to celebrate Princeton as he heads off to his 21st Reunion (and as I head off to my 14th! Tiger tiger tiger...)


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