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Status update

I will be continuing to guest-blog over at Overlawyered.com.

In addition, I am starting up a new blog with my friend and former colleague Ron Coleman, who formerly blogged at Dean's World. We will be blogging at Likelihood of Success.com. (Yes, it's a law pun. We lawyers are funny that way.) So go check us out.


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forjustice [TypeKey Profile Page]:

attention david,,,,
you do not have the facts straigt, nor do you konw the people involved, nor do you have an ounce of understanding about the tegan rees case. your comments about the money are not only ridiculous but insensitive and wrong. the choice of the dollar amount was not chosen by the father, but by his lawyer and idaho codes. the state of idaho could have and should have protected this boy, and should have and should be held accountable for their lack of efforts. yes the man who eventually killed him is in prison as he should be, but if the state had done their job this young boy would still be alive. they need to be held accountable. i hope you do not have children for you obviously do not empathize nor sympathize for the safety of our youth!!!!!

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