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Go for broke

Interesting comment over at Instapundit. He writes about hearing a story concerning the "lessons learned from the Japanese internments" and that "there's not much reason to contemplate locking up very many Iraqi nationals in America anyway, since they're probably the most pro-war, anti-Saddam segment of the population."

Is he implying that there was reason to contemplate locking up Japanese and Japanese Americans? I don't think so, and, I sure hope not. Considering that the 6,000 Japanese American members of the 442/100 regiment during World War II (remember, the army was segregated back then) earned more than 18,000 individual decorations including 1 Medal of Honor (20 more Medals of Honor were awarded to the 442 in 2000), 53 Distinguished Service Crosses, 588 Silver Stars, 5,200 Bronze Star Medals, 9,486 Purple Hearts, and eight Presidential Unit Citations, making it the most decorated regiment during the war, perhaps Japanese Americans were among the most pro-American, patriotic, anti-Nazi (the 442 was one of the units that liberated Dachau) segments of the population?


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