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Last week, I asked "How much is going to Haliburton?"

It looks like we're begining to get an answer.


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As "The Economist" magazine notes this week (above link), signing up Halliburton may be bad politics but it's good policy -- Halliburton is the best-qualified firm for the job.

Gary Collard:

But hey, why let good policy get in the way of a good old fashioned political cheap shots? So many of the platitudes of the left are being proven empty, they need this one and I say let them have it.


Don't you understand that the whole purpose of us going to war with Iraq was so that the Bush administration could give a lucrative contract to Haliburton for the reconstruction of Iraq?


It looks like we're begining to get an answer.

Actually, it sounds like you are a member of (International) ANSWER.


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