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Is There A President Named "Nychole" In Our Future?

Speaking of names, a brave person has written an exposť on the dark, sordid world of baby-naming message boards. There are women out there who want to name their children Kesleigh, Cam'rom, CrystalLynn, and Gwennog. They must be stopped.


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I love some of the names on that site, including Gwennog. Don't be so closed-minded.

I didn't realize that the meaning of "closed-minded" is "one who disagrees with Paige"...


I like Gwennog too.

my name is nychole


My name is Kesleigh and I won't be stopped


My name is Kesleigh and I won't be stopped


Man, I can't understand the upest of the name keslegh! my daughters name is Kesleigh and she loves it!!!! At least she has not got a name like Sarah etc... think outside th square for once.

Congratulations on giving your daughter a name you can't even spell consistently.


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