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We're all Americans, you know

Tim Graham today on the Corner: "Rest in peace, Johnny Cash. For many red-staters, this resonates deep."

This resonates deeply for many blue-staters, too.

What kind of a person tries to make such a shallow partisan point out of the death of such a great artist? A person like Tim Graham, I suppose.


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Partha, do you try to sound dumb, or does it just come natural? There was nothing partisan about his comment. Let me explain it to you since you cannot understand the simplest reference. The red-staters remark had to do with the states in which country music is popular. It was not meant to be a political comment.

Any by the way, do you really mean your caption? If so, then why did you insist in one of your posts last year that you were an Indian-American?


Country music isn't popular in California? Or Pennsylvania? Anyway, one of the following NRO "The Corner" posts gave this Tim Graham post mega-dittos and invoked his point with a reference to Fox News. Graham *was* making a political comment.

And, yeah, I am an Indian American. And a Pennsylvanian American. And a 33 year old American. And a 5'11" American.

Like all Americans, I am large, I contain multitudes.


One doesn't necessarily have to be a country music fan to appreciate Johnny Cash.

Also, it was a political comment. It seems a bit silly to try and say it wasn't. If he was referring to just music fans, then why didn't he just say it resonates deeply for country music fans?

Ditto for multitudes.


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