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Where's My Happy Dragon?

Joanne Jacobs writes of a school in Massachusetts which banned cupcakes and other sweets from birthday celebrations:

Instead, the birthday boy or girl will get a cover for the back of the student's chair, a sash, a special pencil and a sticker with the school's mascot, the Happy Dragon. Preschool and kindergarten students will get to wear a birthday crown.

This was posted yesterday (June 24), which just happens to be my birthday. Only I didn't even get a sash or a crown or a pat on the back. Such is life in the adult world of work. Even in school, I often had a final exam that day rather than cake. So kids, quitcher whining and wear your sash like a man.


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Do you think the school system would relent if the parents' promised to bring in a carrot cake?

What we are witnessing is the triumph of the Nanny state. I guess the next thing they will do is inspect the children's lunches and confiscate any “junk” food. Then they will have the parents arrested for endangering the health of their children.


Where I come from, you summer b-days kids were roundly gypped every year, with zero recognition or celebration. (Yes, I'm a virulent, anti-Romani-people-hatemonger. YaHAR.) Still, it's better than the lonely carnationathon that is Valentine's Day-- homo's and fat kids be damned!


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