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Kofi and What Army?

Kofi Annan is giving Sudan an ultimatum:

KHARTOUM, Sudan - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan told Sudan's government that he wants to see progress within 48 hours resolving a bitter conflict in the Darfur region, which his officials say has led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

And if there is no progress? He threatens to get all unilateral on their ass:

Annan has raised the possibility of sending in international troops if Sudan's government can't protect its people in the vast and desolate western region. Humanitarian workers have likened the attacks to ethnic cleansing.

Egads. Looks like we'll be in another war... in 2016.


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John Doe:

Sudan might respond well to a Clintonian approach. Bomb them from the air but don't invade with ground troops.


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