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Debate stream of consciousness 2.0

Following up on my previous post, a few more thoughts on the debate, all thoughts which arose contemporaneously (though posted hours later):

  1. Treblinka???????? There was a concentration camp in Moscow? Can you imagine the reaction if Bush had made that mistake?
  2. I would have assumed, going into the debate, that Kerry would seem to have a greater grasp of facts than Bush, but Bush would come across better. The reverse seemed to be true.
  3. Bush was playing defense -- a mistake -- but the format of the debate did constrain him. The entire focus of the debate as framed by Jim Lehrer was to focus on what Bush had done right and wrong. Lehrer wanted Bush to defend his record and Kerry to attack it, and both people obliged. Very few questions were asked about what Kerry would do. Still, Bush could have turned the tables; he didn't.
  4. Where were Kerry's kids?
  5. Kerry's crack about the New York City subways made no sense. Even if Bush could have done some things differently Homelandsecuritywise, there'd still be a threat either way.
  6. If Bush were more capable of public speaking than a mime with social anxiety disorder, he'd wipe the floor with Kerry. I don't know how Kerry got the reputation for being a great debater. He's not at all. But Bush is far worse.
  7. Post-debate instant polls seem to be showing that Kerry won. Well, no surprise there. I still doubt it will affect many votes, but it hurts Bush's momentum. (Or is that Joe-mentum?)

Alright; that's enough. Go read someone else's blog.


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Steven Tyler:

Jesus, pal, but your blog sucks a lot of ass.


1. Yea, hed get shot, this is America.
2. Wrong, Kerry had a better grasp of the numbers and performed better.
3. A mistake to defent your record? A president should most definately defend his record if he feels its justified....did he not?
4. Who cares and why does it matter?
5. It most certainly does matter.
6. He would mop the floor with him? Where do you get off saying Bush isnt a good public speaker? I think youre the only one, he hits home with his language to just about everyone in middle class. Kerry got his reputation for being a good debater for beating people with a lossless record like Bush. How else?
7. No surpise showing Kerry won? Every network concluded that either one of these canidates had an equal shot at winning. Bush just couldnt defend his record.


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