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Permanent Selma

Shorter Bob Herbert: Racists, racists everywhere.

Slightly longer Bob Herbert: It's still 1963, we're still in Selma, and Bull Connor is still in charge. It's always 1963, we're always in Selma, and Bull Connor will always be out there with dogs and firehoses.

Full Bob Herbert: A bunch of black voters in Florida screwed up their ballots, and since they're black it can't be their fault, so it must be a racist Republican conspiracy. And there's no real difference between that and the murder of civil rights workers.


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Actually, you didn't summarize the article correctly. Here is the important quote:

"The data show that it was so specific to certain precincts," she said. "It was so targeted toward African-Americans. There was nothing random about it."

She said, "The most important finding was that education was not a predictor for African-Americans."

I haven't seen the data, so the conclusion may be wrong, but the study seems to be properly handled. The point is this: One district had more errors than another district. Why? The two districts match up on all relevant factors, except that one is Republican and the other Democratic.

Again, I don't know if the authors cooked the numbers (possible, and likely I would say), but the study and conclusions seem to be correct.


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